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Man’s Inhumanity to Humanitarianism: The Downfall of Civilization.

We are being sent a warning.  Very few of us are listening.  Everything around us is showing us things that we are not paying attention to. I don’t mean signs like “biblical signs”, or anything like that. What we are being shown are the signs of a viral breakdown in existence.  Your news, your radio, your internet, is filled with our blatant hypocrisy, brutality, and egoism. We  need not ever go to a theatre to see a scary movie, we simply need to turn on the television and we become inundated with instances of man’s inhumanity to man.  Systematic genocides, ethnic cleansing campaigns, religious wars, have all become a part of our daily routine of living. The reason we are not paying attention is that  we don’t honestly want to face our part in its existence.

We are such creatures that we believe that everything was put here to serve us, including one another.  What fools are we in that we can’t see the adage “Am I my brother’s/sister’s keeper”, is not some simple fable from a book.  When are we to see that being our brother’s and sister’s  keeper is essentially how we remain keepers of humanity, which includes us individually.

We have been indoctrinated into the  Darwinist mind-set of “survival of the fittest”, and this belief causes us to think that only the strong survive, and the weak get taken from, and that we have to fight for everything we want, or need.  And so when it comes to the welfare of other human beings we erroneously think, and act in selfish ways, while being lulled into a sense of complacency about our inhumanity, by using the  “survival of the fittest” testament.  We look at others either as inferior to us, or a threat to us, but either way they are the ‘enemy’, and our end goal is our survival.  We think that what we give can never be replaced, or that we personally lose out when we share that which we do have, and we hoard those things while expecting others to shower us with them. 

What are these things that we are hoarding?  Are they physical, material things?  No..we hoard the things that we were designed to give away: our compassion, our empathy, our understanding, our love, our connections to unified spirit.  If something is worth having to you, then you have to believe that something is worth having to another, and freely give it away.

We as human beings, and especially Westerners, base our lives on accumulating things, because we are empty.  We look for these things to fill a void that only grows to the  point of eating us alive, if we do not begin to view things differently.  And we seem to be insatiable self-cannibals.    We have become so self-centered, and egotistical in our quest to be ‘unique’ individuals, that we have had our eyes shielded from the true nature of Life: COHESIVE, COOPERATION!…. this is what propels life to renew itself. The plain truth is that when you hoard that which is supposed to be suffocate the nature of that thing.

Everything in the cosmos works in conjunction with something else.  Plants, rocks, you, the screen you are reading on at this very moment, are all made of different variations of the same types of molecules, each arranged in a specific way to create different things.  There is an ever-present symbiosis to the universe.  We are a symphony of connectivity. 

We as a whole unified body of human beings, are forgetting this at an alarming rate.  In watching, reading, and hearing about all of the tragedies that have happened recently around the globe with weather related phenomenon, I was moved at the amount of humanitarian efforts.  The damage to the lives of the people directly affected by these events was made just a bit easier by the compassion of another. It was marvelous to see human in action, as they should be,: in servitude of one another for the Greater Good.

But what about everyday circumstances?  How do we handle the seemingly ‘smaller scale’ personal tragedies of others?  I’ll tell you how we handle them…we hoard that which is supposed to be given freely.  We have no sympathy for the homeless person, thinking to ourselves that they should get their act together, get motivated, and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  We don’t even offer an invitation to ourselves to get to know those we judge, because we do not give ourselves a chance to know them on the ‘HUMAN’ level. That is the level that connects and unites us.  We do not set aside our biases and survival of the fittest approach long enough to seek out the common spirit in all.  We judge.

We judge the teenage mother, we judge the drug addict, we judge the prostitute, we judge the needy, and the infirm…and we do this all from the perspective of ‘separation’ and supposed ‘superiority.  We do not  look at what turned the criminal into what they are, and we do not put an end to the reckless behavior towards children by the adults responsible for their care; even when we know things are happening to that child that will produce a malfunctioning adult. We take the position of “it’s not my child”, “it’s not going on in my home”, and “We should mind our business”.  When did our responsibility to our species end when our doors closed?  We never take the time to look at the reasons for why we have these social ills in the first place. Nor do we look for preventative solutions.  Because of our lack of empathy we try to sweep the problems under the rug.  They then fester until they spill over in a river of dysfunction, and confusion. 

Our apathetic behavior towards one another matches the apathy we feel towards the planet we have been graced.  Our environment is suffering because all we care about is our own individualistic ‘CREATURE COMFORTS’.  We care so much so that we do not rally for alternative energy sources to ensure that our oil doesn’t spill into our oceans, thereby upsetting the balance of our ecosystem; that we depend on for our survival,  and we do not rally around the animal rights activist; who rightly believe that all living creatures are as important as we are, and we do not gather in hopes of finding solutions to ensure the cleanest air possible.  Let’s be honest, the majority of us believe that our required emission tests for our automobiles, are a nuisance, as opposed to a conscientious step towards less pollution!!!.  It is all about us, and our selfish need for technological “survival of the fittest”. 

How fit are we in that we seem to be the only species on the planet that does not work in unified cohesion with one another, and our environment? We rape our environment, we pillage our consciousness, our moral character, and we are plunging ourselves into depths that we may not be able to rise above, with our very, very selfish, separatist “I” ideals.

I look around at the state of the world, and I begin to understand history a little better.  I have always liked history.  I like to study civilizations that rose to greatness, and then rapidly declined. I have always been fascinated with the catalyst for the declination.  When I think about us, sadly I have thoughts of ancient civilizations gone now.  There are three things I have learned from studying history:

 1. IT IS TRUE: it(history) does repeat itself, and

2. The majority of civilizations were destroyed not by outside forces, or warring nations…they were decimated from within, by ideologies that became the foundation for the viral breakdown.

3. There were always signs, and always those who didn’t pay attention.

My fear is that in this most recent age of history, the fall won’t be of any one particular nation.  My fear is that I am witnessing the fall of the human civilization in totality.  I mourn because I know it will be because we have not learned that being our brother’s and sister’s keepers, which includes being gaurdians of the planet that keeps us is a part of our original design.  It is the most fundamental force in the sense of unified spiritual, humane cohesion: fundamental in our ultimate survival.   If we do not recognize that everything we do has an affect on all, I fear we are doomed to self-destruction. It is time for us to take some responsibility for our lives, for your grandchildrens home (Earth), for the future of all living things on that home.  The signs of what is to come as a result of blind, backwards thinking are all around us.  We are all standing on a brink of utter ruin.  The next time you hear someone say “am I my brother’s/ sister’s keeper”, meet the statement with a rousing “YES I AM”! Because we are all Keepers of All.

As always: Intending you peace, unconditional love, and clarity of consciousness.  Thank you

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We at Humanitarians For Humanity believe that it is our responsibility to leave the world in better condition than when we arrived.  Humanitarians believe that we can best accomplish our goals by honoring the connections to our environment, also by providing service to one another, for the improvement of humanity. To be an aide to those in need, who are subject to suffering of any kind. To show love, compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, and love to our world and all of its inhabitants.  We do this by bringing together diverse groups of people with… diverse and inspired talents. Humanitarians for Humanity believes that each and every one of us have something to contribute  in  service to humankind.  HFH is a multi-faceted group, whose only creed is to “Do what we can, When we can, and How we can”.