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Forgotten things: What God Isn’t, and what we have become.

They say that “Love is accepting, and that love doesn’t judge”. If God is unconditional love then, God is NOT judgmental.  The idea of judgment is a human quality, and to be totally honest, we are even judgmental of our creator.  How many times have you said, “God is going to get you”, to a person and really meant it?  I mean actually believed in your heart that God would even foster the same limited standards  of measuring a person’s life, as you did.

How very egotistical and arrogant of us to approach our relationship with our Source in this manner.

Whatever your concept of god is, the Creator is ….I repeat…NOT JUDGMENTAL.  The ‘Source of All’, is absolute acceptance, and unbiased observation.  The majority of our religious beliefs include the idea of a benevolent, merciful, unconditionally loving, and infinitely patient God. But we have forgotten the meaning that those qualities imply.  In losing the true meanings we constantly proliferate a subliminal ideology of a God only accessible through conditions, and restrictions,

God is not conditional.  God is Agape Love.  We are physical manifestations of that love.  We are God’s love in action.  So many of us have failed to recognize who we really are. A great majority of our thoughts and actions, are fueled by an attempt to stay in God’s good graces, because we have been blind as to the true nature of God, ourselves, and our relationship with not only the Creator, but all of creation as well. 

The simple fact is that you ARE and ALWAYS will be, in God’s Grace.  Why? Because you were CREATED!!!!

You, and me, as well as everything else in the universe is an aspect, and evidence of the Grace and immense magnitude of God. We never need to maintain a position of Grace…it was given already, YOU ARE GRACE!

I ask myself sometimes…when did we forget this?  How did we lose our way?  Really, who’s to say?  We can blame it on rock and roll, our government leaders, subversive counter cultures, or progressive technology, it doesn’t really matter.  None of those are the reasons why we are finding ourselves immersed in an ocean of spiritual despair.  There is but one reason for our current state of spirit, but we are all too afraid to point it out because it is what we’ve been conditioned to cling to.  It is what has been used to control virtually every aspect of our lives: ORGANIZED RELIGION.

We’ve become ‘Sheeple‘, who have entrusted our spiritual guidance to ‘shepherds’ with an egoistic agenda, that has absolutely nothing to do with God.  But alas, our institutions are not only responsible for our spiritual decline: WE ARE.

We put our faith and our relationship with God in the hands of those who echo the sentiments of our own negative ego consciousness.  How many of us actually see that a great part of the ‘organizing’ in our religions includes ‘organized’ atrocities. Atrocities committed in the name of one God or another.  And we stand idly by and our silence allows these things to spread, like the viruses that they are.

Is this a representation of ‘Unconditional love’?  In your heart at this very moment, do you feel as if you are Grace. or that you have been Graced? Probably not, yet the majority of us ‘flock’ to the same ritualistic expressions that denies us Our inherent Grace from the very onset of our birth.  If we are to believe that God is unconditional love, that we are part of God’s infinite plan, and that as a part of that plan we are graced eternally: HOW COULD WE HAVE EVER BEEN BORN ‘IN SIN’?

The fact that we have been conditioned to believe that we were born without hope is the reason we are experiencing a degradation of our souls.  It’s time to stop the forward momentum of this spiritual breakdown.  We are all long overdue for a spiritual breakthrough.  Free your mind. Your life and Spirit will follow.

Intending as always, peace, spiritual serenity, and unconditional love to you 🙂

PART THE VEIL: And see who you really are.

I have had the entire day free…well, relatively free, and I have been feeling the need to write something…anything….but when I sat at the computer, my thoughts were so scattered that I gave myself one hell of a case of writer’s block!!! That was until a moment ago when,I reminded myself to “be like water”.  I went through this crazy Bruce Lee phase and I heard him say it, and then further explain its meaning in an interview once, and it burned into my brain.  LOL…funny my other favorite quote is another of his as well….”It is not enough to know, we must apply”.  So In being like water, and APPLYING the fact that I know I should stop trying to guide what I write, and allow what I am supposed to write to flow, and guide me… here goes….
I am running through a range of emotions right now.  I am truly questioning some fundamental things as a result of a small shifts in my thinking.  These shifts have made me more observant of the effects that we have on our world, and has made me begin to investigate this inter-connectedness we experience on a daily level, yet deny to ourselves. 

 For the majority of us, we equate our individuality with a sense of separateness, “I” is stressed, and elevated as being greater in significance than “them”.  This is due to the fact that we are disillusioned as to who the “I” in the equation really is.  Because most of us fail to ‘remember’ where it is we originated from, we feel this sense of separateness from Creation.  In feeling this profound, internal isolation…we go to great lengths to fill the void.  We are guilty of spending exorbitant amounts of time in self-defeating behaviors, that only serve to  further our sense of spiritual loneliness. 

Our institutions go on to add to the separation we feel from our Source, by ascribing  specific beliefs as the ONLY correct ways to a relationship with our Originator, while disregarding others ideologies.

 But imagine for a moment what would happen if we were to wake up and “remember” who it is that we are a part of ? If we could stretch the limits of self-induced limited thinking, and see ourselves as we really are: Each and every one of us is a part of the Source’s “I” consciousness.  We are all facets of the Creator, designed to do something, in conjunction with someone else(another facet of the Creator).  We may not be aware of the intention of our Source, maybe our brains are too small to accommodate information like that…but the fact remains that everything in this universe is here and works in conjunction with another aspect.  Everything is connected, and inter-dependant on everything else. 

 How can one question the existence of a Most Awesome Source when you behold all of the wonders that comprise this Universe.  Science tells us that everything in this Universe is intricately connected, and that each part affects the whole on some scale.  There is a saying “As above, so below”….which I take to mean in essence, “if it works like that there, then it works like that here as well”.    Guess what?  It works the same way within each of us as well.

The Source of All there is, and it doesn’t matter if you refer to your Source a Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Yahweh, Spirit,God,Goddess, StarDust, etc…..This Force, is what connects us all to each other and everything else.  There is no such thing as SEPERATE.  You are a part of “That which brought this into order”, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, YOU ARE NEEDED AS A VITAL PART OF  THAT WHICH IS CONNECTED&  CONNECTING!!!

In all you think, eat, feel, and do, you are doing it….. with the Source inside of you!  Our Creator is the only “I” consciousness, we are aspects of that consciousness, as is every animal, plant, mineral, rock, atom, & molecule.

The pangs of loneliness we feel in our gut, are not actually longings for belonging, they are a ‘Homing Signal From Source’, those feelings are trying to guide you back to the ULTIMATE connection, from which all of our other connections stem.  Remember that you are a part of the Source of All there is, you are a part of All there is, and that your place has purpose.  With that knowledge walk magnificently tall, and with certainty, because you are walking the Creator with you!  And You both are AMAZING!!!!!

Wishing you peace, clarity of mind, and Agape Love

A New Found Religion.

I was editing my Facebook profile, and I came to the section that ask you to state your religious preferences.  I read what I had written when I fist became an active facebooker: Spiritual but leaning towards Buddhism.  I quickly deleted it and as I began to type out what it is I believe in detail, it occurred to me that there would not be enough room for what I believe.

The reason that I found myself attracted to the ideology of Buddhism is because  Buddhist believe: “The man enmeshed in delusion will never be purified through the mere study of holy books, or sacrifices to gods, or through fasts, or sleeping on the ground, or difficult and strenuous vigils, or the repetition of prayers. Neither gifts to priests, nor self-castigation, nor performance of rites and ceremonies can work purification in him who is filled with craving. It is not through the partaking of meat or fish that man becomes impure, but through drunkenness, obstinacy, bigotry, deceit, envy, self-exaltation, disparagement of others and evil intentions — through these things man becomes impure.”

“There are two extremes: addiction to sensual enjoyment, and addiction to bodily mortification. These two extremes the Perfect One has rejected, and discovered the Middle Path which makes one both to see and to know, which leads to peace, to penetration, enlightenment and liberation. It is that Noble Eightfold Path leading to the end of suffering, namely right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration of mind.”   The idea of learning what we could about ourselves, and taking personal responsibility for our own actions is what prompted me to learn all I could about Buddhism.  I did extensive research on the Noble Eightfold Path, and what I discovered resonated within me.  And I began to apply it to my daily life in small increments. 

Due to my interest in Buddhism, I delved into attempting to understand several major religions.  What I found was that there were attributes of each that resonated with me.  The most satisfactory of discoveries came to me when I realized that the things that vibrationally were in tune to what was in my heart, had absolutely nothing to do with Religion(not in the “as an institution” type of way).

It had to do with an emotion.  If I had to compartmentalize my beliefs and put forth an answer to the question of my religion, I would have to say that my Religion is that of Love.

Through implementing parts of the Eightfold Path into my life, I came to truths about myself, my relationships, my world, my relationship with my Creator.  In attempting to be right thinking, I began to let go of pre-conceived notions of any one particular way to connect with the Higher Power.  In attempting to live with right understanding, I became tolerant, and genuinely interested in others views.  Right mindfulness allowed me to evaluate what was truly important, and Right concentration of mind, helped me to stay focused on that which I found truly important.  right concentration of mind led me to this conclusion………

 The universal theme of love is found in all religious traditions,be it Buddhist, Christian, Islam, or others. As we begin to realize that  at their core this spiritual principle of love, flows through each, we start to develop a sense of common humanity, connection to our environment, and union with Supreme Spirit, through Agape love.

  • Agape love is seeing the answer and sharing that with whoever is seeing or experiencing the problem.
  • Agape love is never judgmental and is eternally patient with any thing that must be learned.
  • Agape love is totally without demands or requirements.
  • Agape love is total truth in that it does not change, no matter what appears to change around it.
  • Agape love knows not of time since time does not exist in heaven.
  • Agape love is unconditional forgiveness for any event because agape love transcends the concept of needing forgiveness in that it knows we are simply misguided and therefore our actions are not held against us in the first place.

  As Saint Augustine said, “God is not what you imagine or what you think you understand.”

  I have come to know God as a Source of love, truth and many other things that I just can’t put into words. Within the God of my heart is an aspect of many other spiritual traditions ranging from Christ consciousness to pure awareness or Buddha nature

Wow I have discovered that I do indeed have a religion.  Love is my religion.   I will worship everyday in that I will show unconditional love to all of Creation by following the Noble Eightfold Path.  By being incredibly mindful of the fact that God=Love, and it’s just that simple.

As always wishing you peace, and inner serenity.



Science, Religion, And God: The Great Divide

One of the fundamental problems with human beings is that we have an ‘either’, ‘or’ way of thinking. A thing is either this or that. Right or wrong, true or false, just or unjust, fair or not, happy or sad.  We tend to employ this thinking in every aspect of our lives.  Often we fail to see things as parts of a whole, and so the things that don’t fit into our ‘either,or’ sense of logic we attempt to discredit.  We falsely assume that our way of thinking and believing are the right, and only way, and we alienate those who don’t share our views.  We polarize ourselves along with others who share in our particular thinking, and the lifelong quest to prove our way right while discrediting another’s way begins. 

I believe that the three most fundamental aspects of our lives are parts of a whole. Not meant to be pitted against one another, but to be viewed as a symbiotic connection meant for one purpose.  

 Science: Our inquisitive nature is a wonderful thing.  We ask a question, and we set about to figure out the answer.  We do this by investigation into the ‘thing’, so that we can see how it works.  We figure out  the individual  parts role and function and we figure out the how of a ‘thing’.   After figuring out the how of a ‘thing’, we can figure out the ‘why’ of a thing. It’s purpose. There is not an area in our life that hasn’t been improved upon by science.  And it is a varied field:    Astronomers (including astrophysicists)
Biologists (including botanists, entomologists, geneticists, herpetologists, ichthyologists, lepidopterists, microbiologists, neuroscientists, ornithologists, pharmacologists, virologists, and zoologists)
Chemists (including biochemists, Analytical Chemist , Environmental Chemist, Laboratory Scientist , Research Chemist, Electrochemist , Polymer chemists, and nanotechnologists)
Computer scientists
Ecologists (including hydrologists, limnologists, soil scientists, life scientists, atmospheric scientists, and toxicologists)
Social scientists (including anthropologists, demographers, economists, political economists, political scientists, psychologists, and sociologists)
Geologists (including mineralogists, seismologists, gemologists, and volcanologists)
Archaeologists (including Egyptologists, Industrial Archaeologists, Ethnoarchaeologists, Paleolithic Archaeologist, Classical Archaeologist, Historic Archaeologist).

For almost every aspect of your life there are people who have studied their field extensively, and have provide us with a wealth of information, as to how our entire universe is operating, us included.  But as varied as the fields are, it is all under the umbrella of science. And it is pivotal in our lives.

Religion: Another pivotal factor in our lives.  It is hard to define Religion, but I will attempt to at least explain religion from my perspective.  In order to understand religion, we have to see the three different aspects of it that are of major importance: religion as our belief, religion as our  identity, and religion as our way of life. Religion/ belief ; these are the convictions that we have concerning  such matters as God, doctrines of faith, or truth.

Religion/identity; religion in the form of  belief emphasizes doctrines, religion in the form of  identity emphasizes affiliation with a group. In this sense, identity religion is the bond of  family, ethnicity, race, or nationality. It is something you were born into.

Religion/way of life; In this aspect, religion is tied in to our daily   actions, rituals, customs, and traditions that differentiate us  from adherents of other religions, and also differentiates us from differing sects of our own religion.  Genuflections for example, at the sight of a cross, circumcision,  praying to the east three times a day,  meditating daily, or not eating certain foods, are all ways in which our religion becomes our way of life. So as we see, there is not one aspect of our lives that Religion doesn’t touch as well.

God, The Creator:  There are over six billion people in this world and each person has his or her own thoughts about God. How can a person know for sure what God is really like? It doesn’t matter what name  we ascribe to The Supreme Being, what matters is that we all have an ideology in regards to our Source, and  the majority of our lives are spent trying to  get closer to our Source even when we aren’t aware of doing this.  Few concepts in human history have generated as much  intense longing, rapturous devotion, somber contemplation, fascination, and endless debate as the topic of God.  But one thing holds true, one thing is universal among us, and that is we question, and we form some sort of belief on the subject of God. 

We have used our science to try to disprove the existence of God, our Religions to try to prove the existence of God, and in the process of doing so, we have lost sight of the most fundamental point.  We have been using science and religion as a way to figure out God or lack thereof, and all of the time God left a blue print of His/Her handy work.  And they tie in together so intricately.

  The past few hundred years have witnessed a significant degree of tension between science and religion. Science and religion both make claims about the fundamental workings of the universe. I believe that both stem from a need to reconcile ourselves with our ‘why’ of being, our source.  I like to think of it as going up in a building;  you and I are in a building together, we both have to go to the 14 floor, it doesn’t matter if I take the stairs, and you take the elevator, all that truly matters is that we get to our destination.  How we got there is irrelevant. 

The problem with the two, is that each side has made this a personal issue.  Each has become so polarized in their ‘prove it’, and ‘have faith in it’ agenda, that the big picture is being entirely missed.  I have found that when people become polarized, it is usually because they feel threatened on a deeply personal level.  Using that logic, I am wondering what both science and religion feel threatened by.  They  complement each other, when viewed from the right perspective.

Here is the point….. We are all looking for the answer to three questions: Is there a God? If so what is my purpose? What is my function?  No one escapes this line of thinking. I believe that even atheist while trying to convince themselves that they don’t believe in God, are just waiting for someone to prove to them that god does exist.  I can respect that.  But I think that viewpoint stems from issues in regards to the hypocrisy we sometimes see in religion.  It is my opinion that the disavowing of God is in reality a disavowing of organized religion and some of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of God throughout history, but not the idea of God.  We are all searching for that spiritual meaning in our lives, that ‘I Am’ validation. 

I think of the things that I learned about my body and how it operates(with very little help from me I might add), how it replenishes itself, how my cells collect together to make specific organs to function in specific ways to keep me alive, I am humbled.   When I think of the mathematical precision that goes into this universe, and all of the things in it, gravity, the sun, the stars, the planets, and how they are arranged in an orderly system, I am in awe at the magnificence of it. 

Our science is supposed to be  how we come to know that we are created, our religion is supposed honor the Creator.  Because of our egos we’ve allowed ourselves to begin to worship the process (both in science and religion) over the objective. 

I do not assume to know what the Creator is like.  My scope of understanding is not that developed.  I do not know if the Creator intervenes in our lives on our behalf.  I do not assume to know of the Creators will.  That may be too much for my tiny brain to comprehend.   I do know that you can’t get something from nothing, therefore Someone, Something brought all of the parts together necessary for the universe to function as a whole.  Each part independent, yet interdependent on the other.  I believe that the random chances of the type of precision involved producing all that we experience, is well…random.