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View From Above.

Lately, I have taken notice of how my thoughts have been driven by my subconscious fears.  In speaking with others, I have discovered that the majority of our thoughts, and actions are driven by our innermost fears.  Most of which we are unaware of on a conscious level.

I have come to see how I have lived my entire life based on this one fear in particular:  that I was not enough.  Enough for you what you might ask….according to me….not enough for anything.  That was one of the hardest conclusions I have ever had to come to terms with.  I didn’t feel as if I was good enough for this life, or to be loved.  I am finding that I am not the only one who has this specific fear.  As a matter of fact, it is a common phobia.

We live in a world in which we are consistently taught to ‘out do’ the next man, it’s no wonder that we feel as if we are not good enough.  From the time of our birth we’ve been told that everything we are, and everything we do, is not good enough.  If you received a B on your grades, what did your parents say?  “Why didn’t you get an A”?  

For so long we have based our ability to ‘be enough’ on external forces.  Well, today I will share with you a few things I have come to clearly see.  Until we learn to love ourselves, our fears will always rule our existence, because honestly, not being good enough for others is a self-imposed prison sentence we inflict on ourselves, because of how WE feel about us. 

So many of us are walking around physically free, but mentally, and emotionally enslaved in prisons that we build.  Our fears become the warden, our defenses become the guards, and every aspect of who we are becomes the inmates. 

I am planning my escape today.  I know that my vision has been clouded by what I thought were past pains, and feelings of utter inadequacy.  I am also aware of the fact that in order for me to get a good look at the roads around me, that I need to get out from under this creation called fear, and gain a view from above.  Will you join me?

The multiple personalities inside of our heads

“We possess within us a force of incalculable power, which if we direct in a wise manner, gives us mastery of ourselves. It permits us not only to escape from physical and mental ills, but also to live in relative happiness.”
(Dr. Émile Coué, exponent of the theory of autosuggestion, The Coué Method)

  The Conscious and The Subconscious Mind

We all have within us a power so great and unlimited in it’s potential to create the life that we want.  Most often when we feel as if we are not living the lives we know we should be living, it is because we have not learned how to utilize our most  precious resource, our minds. The human mind consists of two aspects: The conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. 

 Sadly, because we have not learned how our minds function, the vast majority of us have become slaves to it rather than the master of it.  Our minds are the most powerfully creative tool we have at our disposal, and once we learn how to master it, then it can create the life that we truly desire.  One of the primary reasons why we never use our minds to its full potential, lies in the fact that we have not learned how it functions, nor the significance of our sub-conscious mind. 

What is the conscious mind?

The conscious mind is responsible for logic and reasoning. It processes information using our five senses. receiving and screening information, interpreting the information, and sending that information to the subconscious mind for further processing.  Our conscious mind controls all of our voluntary muscles, our processes for determining right and wrong, and even forms a hierarchy of beliefs based on analysis of information.   To be conscious is to be aware, or supposedly, awake. Because of our awareness of our own consciousness, the majority of us believe that we are walking around in a fully conscious state.  The truth is that we are not.  But, it is not our conscious minds that are driving our lives, it is our subconscious mind and our lack of understanding of it.

 What is the Sub-Conscious Mind?

Our subconscious mind is the part of our mind that is in charge of our involuntary actions like our heart beat, breathing rate, and our emotions, as well as the warehouse for our memories and beliefs, hopes and desires.  It is one of our most powerful forces, yet it is vastly misunderstood and misused.  The wrong use of our subconscious mind causes chaos to ensue in our lives. The only way for us to begin utilizing our minds potential is by developing a deeper understanding of our ability to create our lives.  Our conscious mind processes information and sends it to our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind acts on the information it receives.  It does not decide not does it command.  It simply carries out the instructions given to it.  

The Sub-Conscious Mind has no capacity to discriminate what is true or false, good or bad, real or unreal.  Its function is to store information and act on what you feed it concerning that information. Our conscious mind instructs us on what to do with that information. Most of us are not aware of this and so we are not aware that in order to have what it is we truly desire, we have to manage our thoughts. Your  subconscious thoughts become the things, situations, and circumstances of your life

Our wonderful egos.

Most of the time when you hear the word ego, we instantly attach a negative connotation to it. “Stop living in your ego”, seems to be the new self-help mantra. In the majority of cultures an ego is viewed as an entity all unto itself, that needs to ultimately be destroyed. Ego is seen as the monster we should ALL try to avoid. But, considering that EVERY human being has an ego, then it would stand to reason that it is there for a purpose. The problem is not that you have an ego. Your ego poses a problem when you live from the negative aspect of it. As with all things in the universe, there is a duality. Even in your consciousness. A polar opposite. Yours, mines, our egos work in the same fashion. The internal conflicts that consume us are due to the fact that the majority of us live from the wrong side of our egos. We have been conditioned to do so by our culture. Let’s first define what ego is. Ego: an inflated feeling of superiority of pride in your superiority to others; Self; your consciousness of your own identity; (in psychoanalysis) the conscious mind. So simply put, our egos are a picture of ourselves that we carry around with us. A snapshot of how we see, think, and feel about ourselves. The  amazing thing about ego though, is that although it is internal in nature, it spreads outwards into the world. It is a representation of who you are. It is my opinion that having an ego is not necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact look at your ego like a fence that lies in the depths of your being. Bear in mind that nobody, but nobody can live on both sides of that fence. Although it is virtually submerged in the deepest recesses of you, Your ego keeps an account of practically every experience you have ever had, how you felt about those experiences, and how you chose to deal with those same type of feelings and experiences in the future. It then stores them practically for life. The human ego is probably the most sensitive antennae in existence. It listens to what you think, makes the corrections according to the information that you input into it, and it’s output becomes your behaviors and responses. It is a symbiotic relationship (or parasitic depending on how you view it). In short, your ego is what you tell it to be. And you are what it tells you you are. On one side of the fence there is the positive ego. This is the side of you that believes that you deserve all of the wonderful treasures life has to offer simply…… because it knows that YOU ARE an integral part of what life has to offer. It knows that we are inter-connected, and that we all came here with something to offer, and honors that knowledge, by appreciates our differences, by not being judgemental, and opinionated, and condescending in its attitudes towards others. Positive ego recognizes it’s own humanity, and therefore sees itself in the faces of all humankind. It knows that it’s self-worth is not dependant on the approval, or opinions of others. Positive ego knows its value. Someone living from this place in their being is aware that they are fully in control of their lives. They accept that they often times will not be in control of all situations in their lives, but that they have control over how they remain true to their authentic selves during those situations. Our dreams live in this half of us. Living from this side of the fence requires you to live in the present, in the right-now moments, and not to live in hurts of yesterday or, the possible hurts and offenses of tomorrow. In this half of the yard that is your mind, you know that you are not your body, or acquisitions. Here you know that there is no such thing as more or less when it comes to ours or others self worth. This side of our ego values genuine self-knowledge and truth above anything else. The positive aspect of your ego never has to question its place in its world because it’s always known. And then we come to the negative side of ego. Negative ego is the ultimate master of deception. Sadly, the vast majority of us (arrogantly) live on this side of that fence because we have been conditioned to do so. Humans seem to be in a constant state of internal conflict. We all want success and happiness but don’t know what it takes to get it. Because of our mottled thinking we spend the majority of our time adding fuel to the internal battle of contradictions that rages in each of us. When we live in the negative half of the ego yard, we give our attention and intention to the wrong things because, we believe that those things that are hindering us from our perception of happiness and success are outside of us. This point I feel bears repeating: Having an ego is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem presents when you believe that you are what you have acquired, or accomplished. Living from the this side of the ego fence makes you measure others against the standards in which we measure ourselves. So you believe that they are, what they have, or what they have accomplished. When you use this kind of gauge to judge self-worth, you view others who have accomplished less than you have as inferior(you being superior to them), and those who have accomplished more as superior(you being inferior to them). It is your measuring stick of your own value that keeps you constantly offended in some way. Not only is this aspect of our egos a master of untruths, it is also insatiable in it’s every desire. This side of our ego loves to keep you competing to be better than EVERYONE ELSE. Our egos are so afraid of inferiority , that it propels us to constantly compete to prove that we are better than, and have more than others. When one lives from this perspective, they are never satisfied, because there will always be someone outside of themselves that they perceive as having more, or less than they do. And someone outside of themselves that they perceive as being the reason behind their own personal hindrances. They will always compete to have more, be more, feel more, be more offended than, etc,. When we reach for that illusive brass ring we realize that it still does not give us what it is that we are truly looking for: Our own sense of self-worth. By aiming our intention at external conditions, we can not grasp the ultimate truth. We have been struggling the entire time, because we have not given ourselves that same focus. There really is only one thing that we need to struggle against: Our own negative ego consciousness. It is not wrong to think of yourself as special……. You truly are, what is wrong is to think that there is something about you that makes you more, or less special than the next person. Which half of the yard that we live in IS a CHOICE. We can choose to live on that side that knows that the “true key to happiness”, lies within us. Living from this perspective makes you re-examine and try to change YOURSELF. Or, we can choose to live from the side that tells us that the key to our happiness lies within our approval from others. From this perspective we focus on examining, and then trying to change everyone except for ourselves. Most of the lifestyle choices we have made have all been due to negative ego dwelling, and we made these lifestyle choices based on flawed information about ourselves first, and then our world. We continued to make choices using the experiences of flawed information to place a value on our own self worth, and the self worth of others. Almost ALL of us have been living from the negative aspect of our consciousness. Take a look around you. Look at the world and the condition that it is in. The condition is a direct result of individual like-minded egos forming an ego collective. The big question that should be asked is: “How’s that working out for you”? If you find that it isn’t working, well, maybe it’s time for you to move. The Positive side of the ego yard actually looks forward to welcoming you HOME.


The key to discovering who you are lies not in overcoming our conditioned egos, but learning to cooperate with it. Yes! We have to learn to work in conjunction with our egos. Let’s face it, ego is part of the human condition. It is not going anywhere, IT IS A PART OF WHAT MAKES YOU…YOU. Maybe it’s a residual by-product of us having this level of consciousness. Whatever the ego entity is, in truth it is US.

For so long we have perceived our world, our existence, our self-worth, and our purpose from a negative, bleak, and dismal stand point. One of the ugly truths we have to face if we ever want to get out of the psychological mess we’re in, is that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for the mess we call our lives. The responsibility I am speaking of is the one in which you had choices to make determining the direction of your future.

Because of a lack of understanding about our conditioning, our values systems and, how they relate to our egos, we’ve come to flawed decisions, and made bad choices. Our lives and the things we dislike about our lives are in reality, a projection of our conditioned thought processes. What we live, is because of how we think. The way we think is intricately entertwined with our egos, our level of “I” consciousness.

 When the True Self begins to see the limitations of negative ego consciousness, and begins to see itself as a presence, the ego begins to revea its nature as a construct of the mind characterized by past conditionings, ideas, false guilt, self-doubt, and false emotions associated with a memories.


Our egos have been with us since the day we were born. Because your ego has had to share a room with you, it has listened to you cry, moan, groan, complain, lie, cheat, & steal.

Your ego has absorbed your worrying, your pretentiousness, your gossipping, your jealousies, and your need for attention. It has had to stand by you through all of the pity parties you threw for yourself, because of how this person and that person did you wrong. Our ego has accepted and even perpetuated our own neurotic sense of self-grandized propaganda. But remember that our relationship with our egos depends upon cooperation. Your ego has been cooperating with you fully since day one. You have been the uncooperative one in this team effort. Now instead of being what it is…your truest ally, it has popped a screw. In it’s quest to protect you from all of the horrible things you have fed it, it grew larger in an effort to offset ALL of your neurotic tendencies.! It took over because well…let’s be honest….with all of the stuff you heaped onto it, how can it not think that you were incapable of handling things?

We have done a magnificent job of convincing our egos that everything and everyone is out to get us, that it will do whatever it can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Even when you try to convince it otherwise, it doesn’t believe you. Your ego has seen you tell untruths before. It has watched you manipulate situations and people. How can it trust you now? The ego has extreme difficulty in applying profound insights about the ego to itself.

I came to discover that my ego is my best friend. She always has been. I was just ignorant to the dynamics of the symbiotic relationship

between us. She has protected me and guided me through some rough situations. Sometimes she was right sometimes she was wrong, but

she was ALWAYS THERE FOR ME. Even when I slept at night, she was still awake, hard at work. Sending those crazy streaming videos of

the information we had processed during our day.

She knew me better than I knew myself. Sometimes I would react to a situation with negativity so quickly I would wonder where it came from? We’ve all made the statement at one time or another ” I don’t know what came over me but I ____________ so quick I shocked myself. Guess what? That was my best friend coming to my defense before I even knew I needed one. She knows what I am going to do before I even do it. She is intuitive, and she has paid close attention to me. My ego takes her job as BFF quite seriously.

I had been feeding her a diet of lies, and I wasn’t even aware. The problem was that I had been telling her for as long as we’ve been alive to protect me and, to seek pleasure from, the WRONG THINGS.

 We live in this world according to our ego, and unfortunately this ego grows and goes through, levels in its growth. It will continue to expand  until it reaches a level it can no longer fill on its own.

The Awesome power of your thoughts.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some people just seem to be blessed with un-ending luck? Or why some people suffer from what they perceive to be repeated failures? Why are some of us blessed with high self-esteem, while many others aren’t? Haven’t we become fed up with repeating the same patterns of yesterday, that are constantly sabotaging our tomorrows? We all want to experience best, and achieve things in life that lead to our happiness. The majority of us have had these questions concerning others, as well as ourselves at some point in our lives. You might have suspected that there were answers to the problems of life out there to be found, Maybe you’ve been frustrated because you didn’t find those answers, but you keep looking. We have been ignorant in recognizing our true nature, in understanding that we did not know we were holding the key to unlocking our inner being.The answer is so simple, that quite often we overlook it. Some of us recognize it, yet still can’t believe it because of its simplicity! You absolutely have the power to change your life! It has worked for countless others for centuries, and the techniques here are based on the same foundations that they used.

Your mind is the ultimate answer! Yet so many of us fail to utilize its tremendous power

Why do we overlook the power of our minds? Mostly because we are not aware of how the highly advanced technological wonder inside of our heads operates. Our subconscious mind is the last place we look for answers when it comes to changing our lives. A life of success, joy, and abundance is the end result of learning how to effectively use your mind. Once we learn to master the power of our thinking, we can draw into our lives all of the things we want: happiness, good health, wealth, success, freedom from addictions, and bad habits, and ultimately joy within our hearts. When we learn how to control and direct our thinking, we will begin to pilot our lives in the directions of our goals. Look around you at this very moment. Everything that was and will ever be, began as a thought. Once we accept this basic tenet, it then becomes our responsibility to ask ourselves: what are the thoughts that have led us to where we are right now? Whatever our desires, our thinking is the vehicle that will transport us to those desires. Once we understand how our expectations, and one expectation in particular guide us, then we will begin to expect things, from a different perspective. The absolute truth of the matter is that we only have power in the NOW. In the present. Yesterday is gone, things of yesterday are as written in stone. Tomorrow is an uncertainty. If changing your life is truly what you desire, you have to make a conscious choice to start RIGHT NOW! This is the moment you can exercise your greatest power: the power of choice.

As a man thinketh, so is he.



Applied knowledge is power. To discover new truths about ourselves is to expand our self-awareness. In order for us to achieve any sort of psychological growth, it is necessary to have a greater awareness of the world and ourselves so that we may be able to identify the positive potentialities of most situations, while disregarding how limited the situation seems. There also has to be an understanding of our own inner person, our characteristics (positive and negative), as well as our own neurotic idiosyncrasies. We have to be able to be impartial in viewing ourselves. In being impartial, we also have to recognize, that others have the same defects in their personalities as we do.

When we truly become self-aware, we begin to see others by the same standards in which we see ourselves. Those who are self-aware accept that the characteristics that we previously condemned in others are the very same characteristics inside of us as well. Instead of reacting to the behaviors of others, we need to become aware of how those same behaviors mirror some aspect of us. We project our feelings of dis-contentment with the behavior onto the one displaying it, all the while focusing on them because we are trying to hide it in ourselves.

In order to become free of your conditioning you must see it clearly. You don’t have to approve of it or like it, but you just watch it operate, much like a scientist studying some phenomenon. The facts are simply noted without passing any kind of judgment of good or bad, desirable or repugnant. You must be able to see yourself clearly without any emotional or other reaction.

As opposed to hiding those character traits or behaviors, we should work toward recognizing them, and improving them. The more doors we open the more doors we discover there are to be opened. With awareness comes the power to change. Self awareness is the very beginning of personal development.