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What To Do When The Chips Are Down.

We are all faced with having to deal with situations we’d rather not, and sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.  That old adage about making lemonade out of the lemons life hands you, I think, is right on point.  None of us escape the all to human condition of troubles.  How you handle your adversity however, determines the outcome of your circumstances.  You do have the ability to turn tribulation into triumph.

Instead of letting the fact that the chips are down, keep us down; we should focus on the things we need to do to stack the chips more in our favor. 

The first thing we need to realize is that: LIFE IS ALWAYS GOING TO THROW THINGS YOUR WAY!!!! This will  NEVER change.  ACCEPT IT!  Even those of us who ‘seem’ to have minimal lemons hurled at them; do indeed have lemons hurled at them from time to time!  Maybe what makes them ‘seem’ different is nothing more than an adaptive way of handling things.

Secondly, know that no matter how ‘bad’ you think it is, re-living it in every ‘here-and-now’ moment, is FAR WORSE.  There is a time to ‘feel the burden of things’, but that time should not be FOREVER.  Eventually, for your own health and well-being, it is prudent that you GET UP, & GET OUT of that darkness.  We are not meant to dwell in sadness, self-pity, emptiness, hurt, despair,or disappointment.  This is the reason that we feel so bad when we attempt to give in to these emotions; because they are not our natural state.

Third and most important…NO amount of worry will ever stop life from throwing you lemons.  STOP WORRYING.  All worrying does is make you mentally frantic.  If we are mentally frantic, it is impossible to see straightforward solutions to the things we need to fix.  Worrying keeps you looping that frantic state through your entire being.  How many of us truly can listen to a cd skip repeatedly without feeling as if we will go insane.  Guess what?  That is what worrying does; DRIVES YOU INSANE!  In an insane state, we can not see the solutions to problems, we can only see more problems.  Hence, that looping thing I just mentioned. 

When the chips are down, when it seems like life is against you, when it feels as if it’s too much to bear, understand that this happens to us all.  There has been NO situation, or circumstance that has EVER been able to stop the triumph of the human spirit, nor human will.  With intention, and focus we find ourselves capable of doing what at times, seem like miraculous things.  You are more powerful than you know. 

All you have to do when life knocks you for a loop, is to learn from it, be aware of the need to duck in the future, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Wishing you gi-normous amounts of love, and inner peace.

No Wonder We Need To Supervise Our Thoughts!

The funniest thing happened to me one night.  I made a concerted effort to simply pay attention to the thoughts that would pop into my head for 5 full minutes.  It took about a minute to actually focus on just observing the thoughts.  Here’s the funny part….I didn’t even make it to minute number 4!

I believe around the 3rd minute, I realized how many thoughts float in and out of my mind.  I wouldn’t have been able to keep track if I had tried.  The most surprising thing was the type of thoughts that I was having.  No wonder we need to supervise our thoughts! 

In that short amount of time, my thoughts ranged from ones of self-doubt, and fear, to joy, and happiness.  In those very tiny minutes, my body experienced a flood of emotions in regards to the thoughts I was having.  In those flashes of time my spirit went on a rollercoaster ride. 

Not only do we ‘think’ our thoughts, we ‘experience’ them with our whole being, as if they are actually being played out right in front of us.  It’s like being at the movies.  It’s a gripping movie, with twist and turns, and with every twist and turn you are on the emotional edge of your seat.

  I came to see how easy it had been for me to make poor decisions,and how I had invited unwanted things into my life, based on the schizotypal movie I was allowing to be played in my head.  

Stanford research suggest that the average human has around 9o,000-150,000 thoughts per day.  It is impossible to watch all of the things that randomly pop into your head, so attempting to do so would be futile.  But we do have the ability to monitor some thoughts.  And as we all know; SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE!!!

Learning to monitor just a few of your thoughts will make huge improvements in your life.  You do have the power to decide what’s playing on the screen in  your own private movie theatre.

Sometimes It’s A Struggle Even When You Know Better.

I am having a spell.  I don’t know what else to call it.  Although, on the inside I am incredibly happy, and appreciative about the great things in my life, I am feeling weighed down by a lot of things going on in my life as well.  I know that as long as I stay focused on the things that I am appreciative of, the rest will take care of itself.  Yet, it is not stopping me from worrying.   Although I am aware that the act of worrying is actually the act of negative fantasizing, sometimes I find it hard for my thoughts not to end up in that barren wasteland. 

I struggle everyday with monitoring my thoughts, and analyzing my feelings.  I want to make sure that my actions reflect what is in my heart, and my thoughts.  Previous cultural conditioning, is a hard habit to break, and I have to be certain that the things I choose to give my attention to, are not the things from, my ‘previous life’.  Ensuring that I don’t ‘re-lapse’ into those old ways of thinking does get tiring at times.  Through it all, I am still incredibly happy.  Even when I am bogged down with the ‘realities of living’, I can still say I am happy.  That makes me smile on the inside.  I also can maintain a certain level of happiness because I know that in the end, whatever the trial or tribulation, I am going to come out of it a better person, because I will have learned something from it. That is where I choose to focus my attention, and intention: on viewing what I attract into my life as my own personal lessons from the Creator.  

True self-improvement is not without its difficulties.  It requires you to constantly remind yourself that focusing on the negatives in your life keeps you stagnated in your life.   Though it’s not an easy task, it is one that is well worth the effort. 

We all go through things in the day-to-day dance of living.  We all have felt, are feeling, or will feel, the weight of the world on our shoulders.  We will all at times be consumed by worry.  The point is to not let it rule your life.  To somehow find a way to get to the root of what is really bothering you, and figure out the most positive way to release it.  

 Even when we find better ways to go about living our own unique, individual lives, even when we find ways to improve upon ourselves: we will always find internal struggle.  Our responsibility is to not let it win.  Negative in-dwelling’s victories, are our lifes defeat. 

I feel better :),  I have vented. In writing this, I have actually began to see the things I am supposed to learn from some of the things that have been weighing me down recently.  Thanks for being part of my self therapy.  I sincerely hope that I can return the favor :).

 Wishing you love, peace, and stillness of Spirit. 🙂

If You Are Going To Dream, then You May As Well Dream Big

Dreams, we all have them.  What is it that you dream about? Is it financial security? Is it a  promotion at work?  Do you dream about that perfect love?  Every one of us is born with a passion in our hearts.  What is it that you really want to do?  If you could only do one thing in the world, what would it be? 

Most of us lack a belief in our dreams ever coming true because we believe that they are impossibly big.  We can’t believe that what we want most can happen for us, but you can manifest your dreams.   All you have to do is make sure that you are clear about what it is you dream.  With that clarity, prioritize the things you think it would take to accomplish that dream. 

When you are planning the steps to reach your dream, dream big.  Allow yourself to dream in fantastic color.  See yourself as already having accomplished  your goal, or dream.   Imagine what it would feel like if you already had accomplished what you were trying to do.  Inhale that moment.  Breathe it in.  Remember this is your dream.  It is only limited by your imagination.

There are steps to living our dreams.  Like everything else, it is a process.  You have to be committed to this process and that means a lot of self checking.  In order for us to make even one step in the direction of making our dreams a reality, we have to remain focused on the end result: living our dream.   One of the things that is most important to the process of achieving our dreams is for us to constantly ask ourselves if our negative feelings towards situations, and people is conducive to us achieving our dreams.   If you find that it is not beneficial to you advancing to the dream that is awaiting you, then choose to focus on the dream; not the feeling, or situation, or person. 

My passion is writing.  Because I stayed focused on my dream of writing, I now have this blog which has become my baby.  Blogging is where I feel most connected to the Source of All There Is.  I never would have thought that my love of writing would introduce me to you 🙂  So because I am staying focused on my dream, which is to write ( about practically anything), what I thought were unbelievable things, are happening to me.  When I think about achieving my dream, the feeling that comes over me, seems to erase the majority of my tension.  It is a feeling that I allow myself to repeat several times a day.  It’s my own little slice of inner sunshine, and it keeps me motivated to progress in the direction of my dream.  Like everybody else I have things that irritate me, but I am choosing to stay focused on my dream.  I acknowledge that somethng irritated me, I do a self-check, and I have found that almost all of the time, I choose to focus on the dream, and let go of the negativity.  Negativity is a “DREAM-KILLER”.  I choose to focus on what I am passionate about.  I am becoming less and less irritated by things and I am finding it much easier to just let go of negativity, and my life is beginning to flourish.

Our dreams are our ways of living out our passions,  and our passions are gifts from the Creator: who are we to limit anything bestowed by the Creator?  So remember,when you dream to: DREAM BIG! DREAM BIG! DREAM BIG!

The Secret To Changing Your Life.

Have you ever considered how much time a person invest in negative, limiting thinking?  Most of the time we go around thinking that the world is out to get, well…. something, anything, that we have.  We believe that we have to fight for everything we need, and desire.  The tendency to think this way stems from the fact that we believe our resources to be limited.  We believe that there is not enough to go around.  This belief causes us to operate from a base of fear;  fear that there will not be enough for us, and that we will lose those things that we do have, leaving us with an uncertainty of whether or not we will ever gain those things again.

When your actions and thoughts are motivated by fear, you cling to things out of desperation, out of selfish need, so tightly that you effectively kill what you are trying to hold on too.  We believe in limitations so deeply, that we equate it with everything in our lives; we even believe that somehow we, ourselves  are not enough.  We believe there is a limitation to us, and in us.

  Limitations, become our way of thinking.  Thinking becomes choices,  choices become actions.  Actions become….the story of our lives. 

Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up just one morning, and feel as if there is nothing at all to worry about?  How refreshing would it be, to be able to rise to a certainty that you never had to fight for anything else again.  That there was enough, and that you were enough?   Having this certainty, how would you spend  your day?  What things would you do?

The simple truth is just as everything in your life is there because of a series of choices, so is that beautiful day of certainty.  That wonderful feeling of being, having enough is a matter of us choosing to stop wasting the skin we’re in with self limiting, and negative thinking. 

Here is the plain fact: the world has operated pretty much in the same way for a very long time, and I doubt if it is going to change any time soon.   I believe that’s due to the teachings of “Limitation Thinking”.  We have all developed in  cultures of borders, boundaries, and limitations.  Don’t believe it?  The same thinking patterns are the very  reasons why, “history repeats itself“.  Same thinking patterns, same results time and again.

So we know that the world isn’t going to change much, and we know that negative thinking patterns lead to repeated limiting results, so what are we left to do? 

Change the way we think.  Instead of lending credence to limited thinking by our own limited thinking, we should choose for one day, to act as if there are no limitations. Because in truth, the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.   Think about it, no matter how bad we have had it, we have managed in some way or another.  Regardless as to the state of, or condition of our lives, I am here writing this, and you are here reading this, so we managed to make it.  There was enough. Even during times when we thought there wasn’t  anything at all , in retrospect, the fact that we are still alive and kicking says that, we had enough. We have all also had moments of joy in our lives, so we know that, yes joy does exist.  It’s out there just waiting for us, but our limited thinking has led us to believe that our joy exist in the wrong things.

When we become aware of the actual meaning of a resource, and when we realize that we are our most valuable resource, we will begin to see that there will always be enough.  We will begin to discover that our bounded thinking kept us being our own liabilities.  We will begin to see how our fear of lack, caused us to place  importance on things we couldn’t change.  Things that really weren’t ours to change anyway. 

 If you want to change your world, then the only requirement is that you change how you perceive things. Begin with you! 

Don’t think you need to change the way you perceive things?  Again ” history repeats itself”, or as Einstein  put it “Insanity is doing the same things over and over, but expecting different results”.  Our lives are our thoughts, so if you find that you are repeating the same situations in your life, and those situations are not leading to your soulful joy, it’s time to ask yourself a question:

  “What have I been thinking lately”?

 For more information on how our thoughts create our reality watch “What The Bleep do We Know Anyway”?

If You Can control What You Think, You Can control What You Create.

It is only our mental conditioning that we received from birth to now that define who we are and the actions we take.  We have the ability to do things beyond our wildest imaginations, but our  wrong thinking inhibits us.  We are either blessed or cursed by our thoughts.  We invite into our lives our successes, failures, health, happiness, or unhappiness, poverty or prosperity.Everyone stresses the importance of ‘right thinking’, but no one ever instructs us as to how ‘right thinking’ can be accomplished. Because of our ignorance, the majority of us constantly indulge in the negative thinking that is not conducive to our benefit. When we begin to understand the power of our thoughts, and how we’ve come to think the way we do, we begin to see our world take on a different shape. Remember that the quality of our thoughts, determines the quality of our lives.

Monitor your thinking.   The first step towards being totally  free to be the authentic you that you were born to be is to challenge your mental attitudes concerning everything.  But more importantly by starting with your mental attitude towards yourself..  We must challenge our own fixed attitudes and beliefs and then alter them when we find that they no longer are requirements in meeting our objective.   It sounds like a daunting task, but it really isn’t.  You don’t need to monitor your every waking thought.  That would be impossible.  I don’t have the numbers right in front of me but, I’m guessing a person has a ka-billion (that’s a lot)  thoughts per day.  The good news is , that you only need to stand guard over your thoughts, a few times a day.  We didn’t learn to walk overnight, it was a process.  Believe me, this is the same process.  You are learning to walk all over again. Take baby steps. This action alone  causes you to see everything in an entirely new and different way, and it also means that you will ACT and REACT differently to all things.We have to start slow because our egos will try to throw us off course.  It will tell us that we are wrong in our thinking that something is wrong with us.  It still doesn’t trust you entirely either remember? However, constant alertness is required since the ego will try to take over and reassert itself in any way it can.But alas, ‘right thinking’ can be achieved by anyone interested in thinking correctly.  It is as easy to change the direction of our thinking as it is to change the direction of a conversation we don’t want to have.  Just because the subject has been changed does not mean you didn’t have an emotional response to the conversation, it just means that you refused to give it any reactive energy.  The same can be said about our thoughts.  When we have a thought that is negative, we need to counter-act it with one of positivity. In other words….your thoughts are conversations you have with yourself.  When you find the conversation taking a turn for the negative(thoughts of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame, self-loathing, judging, egoistic)….CHANGE THE SUBJECT! 

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

In one more month winter will be coming to a close, heralding the entrance of spring.  Most of us start thinking of ways in which we can spruce up our environment, and we begin to haul out our old, used, last years things.  Thinking of spring cleaning made me ask myself why we don’t apply the same technique to ourselves.

When we are preparing for a change in seasons, we patiently, and laboriously go through all of our belongings.  We decide which of our belongings are important enough to keep, which ones we can do away with, which ones we are never going to get any use of anymore, and we chuck the belongings that we knew we should have gotten rid of long ago, and which are now taking up massive amounts of space, that could be used for other things.  It might be a good idea for us to do the same thing when it comes to our bodies, minds, and spirit.

Along with opening up windows to let the fresh air into the dwelling, we should also let the fresh air into our real homes, our bodies.  Let the breeze shake loose any brilliant ideas we’ve locked away in our minds.  Inhale the aroma of being alive.

When we are organizing our personal belongings we should be organizing our lives as well.  When we are clearing clutter and deciding what to keep and what to release, we should keep in mind that we hold on to various things in our hearts and minds, which do nothing more than take up space, that could be put to better use.  Are there any bad habits you would like to let go of?  Do you have some changes that you’ve wanted to make to your personality?  Do you want to change jobs?  Go on a vacation? Are you still mad at your ex from 8 years ago?  Are you really jealous of your sister?  Have you been the type of person you wanted to be? 

In order for us to experience life altering personal growth, we need to be able to ‘spring clean’ ourselves.  We need to be able to see clearly that which is conducive to our personal growth and that which is just taking up space.

When we stumble upon some piece of us that we deem to be useless, like our other useless belongings, we should get rid of it.  When we discover that lamp that we always loved but couldn’t find, and we see that it fits perfectly with the table we bought, we should also be discovering the parts of us that we thought we lost, but that go so well with new and different parts of us now.

Spring heralds change. A new beginning. A renewal.  

Isn’t about time we started doing a little spring cleaning for our souls too?