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The Beauty of mistakes

 I am flawed, I am less than perfect, and I am very human. Like every other human being, I make mistakes. I admit to errors in my judgements from time to time. The reason that I don’t wallow in my mistakes, is that I believe that mistakes are lessons. The greater the intensity of the mistake, the larger the lesson, that you are supposed to learn.

We’ve all heard and said “I’ve learned my lesson, i will never do that again”. “I should have seen__________, and I should have done________”.

The problem is not that we make mistakes, the problem is that we seem to get stuck in a pattern of repeating the same mistakes. Until you get to the root cause of the error in your judgement, you are creating a reality, in which you get stuck in a cycle.

If you are wondering why your life seems to be standing still, it is because you are standing still in your way of thinking. The simple and plain truth is that you just keep hitting the wall, and you’re doing it to yourself.

Every moment of life is an experience, an event. You are creating your reality at every junction. Ask yourself, why you keep re-creating moments that haven’t worked for you in the past?

If you don’t have an understanding of what learning a lesson really means, when you have made a mistake, or say you’re sory….you’re only displaying lip-service to appease others.

When a person has truly learned a lesson, they may make apologies, if they have wronged someone; they may forgive themselves for some perceived wrong doing/thinking on their part….but what they do not do…is make the same mistake again. When you come to a full understanding of how a mistake could have been avoided by a difference in your own actions/your own thinking…..when you are conscious of the fact that your thinking and behavior in regards to that thinking is what determines your reality…you will find yourself making fewer mistakes. Because you will be more thoughtful when it comes to making decisions.  You will be able to look at the outcome of your decisions, before making them. 

Hard lessons learned, and making bloopers are a part of being human.  We are not meant to wallow or focus on ‘not’ making the same fool moves.  We are meant to learn where we initially went wrong in our thinking.  So…..stop dwelling on mistakes….instead forgive yourself for not knowing any better, and figure out where the breakdown occurred, starting with yourself.

Wishing you inner-peace 🙂


In most normal circumstances, I am an open book.  You can ask me practically any question, and I won’t be offended.  I will however, try to provide you with the best answer I can come up with to the question you are asking.  I can generally converse with a diverse group of people on diverse subjects with ease.  I love the very idea of communication; the ability to exchange ideas, transfer information, and to learn from another some fundamental or truly profound lesson. But, there are two topics that I purposely remain vague about when they come up:  Religion, and Politics. 

Today is the day, that I am going to do what I ask all others to do for themselves….I am stepping out of my comfort zone.  I truly feel as if I have to in this moment.  I am not talking about both of them, well, maybe I am, because it seems as if in the United States, there isn’t much of a difference between the two.  I will try to keep it narrowed down to my particular source of irritation today.

POLITICS-  the way we are governed, or for a more appropriate description; the lack of adequate governance is what I want to rant about.

Lately I have been seeing some things in a shifting light.  It seems to me that truth is all around me, and it always has been, I like most people was distracted by something else.  I don’t know, maybe Lindsey Lohan was caught driving high that day, or  I got caught up in Donald Trumps hair piece on yet another thought-provoking episode of ‘Celebrity Apprentice”. In finally seeing the truth, I see now that the distractions were placed in front of me for the sole purpose of KEEPING ME DISTRACTED!

I have been doing some serious you-tubing lately, and somehow, I was guided to the ” Conspiracy Theorist” videos.  Let me make this perfectly clear…”I don’t know if their beliefs are correct, I don’t know if they have faulty information, and I don’t know if they are in fact “kooky nuts”.  The one thing I do know is that whenever someone has stepped outside of the normal lines of conformity, at first, they are subjected to harsh ridicule, and then later on when some of what they say happens, everybody’s like…” you told us but we didn’t listen”.   That I know for a fact.

If nothing else, my you-tubing experience caused me to research a few things that sounded like they may have been valid. And to come up with several questions on my own.  In researching these subjects, I began to think about the state of our country.  At first I found it hard to fathom, that there may be evil hobgoblins running our governmental body.  But then I took a long look at the state of the world around me currently.

Is is truly so hard for us to believe that we have elected officials who do not have our best interest or the interest of proliferating humanity in mind?  How does it make you a ‘whacked out conspiracy nut” to want to bring people’s attention to what they should be seeing unfold around them every day?

We have a corrupt system, and the daily news is filled with instances of this corruption all of the time.  Two or three times a year, we get the ‘really big’ stories of high level governmental corruption blasted at us, and that in itself should tell you that…it can, and does happens!  When you see the story on the news, that is the story that someone found out about.  Someone questioned something. That questioned led them to expose some truth.  What about the things that happen when no one is around to question?  What about the corruption that does not immediately leave a trail?

  Amongst the many questions I posed to myself the one that took precedence over the others was: 1. Why do I HAVE to vaccinate my children?  I would think that no doctor worth their weight in salt, would sign on to administer foreign DNA, and other substances into the body of a precious ‘human’ child.  For parents out there, whether or not you choose to immunize your children is up to you, but I implore you either way, to research vaccinations, what they consist of , and the affects both good, and bad on a human body. 

 In my own personal experience, after so many questions about the kids immunizations, and autism, I decided to not allow my then 2-year-old daughter to be immunized.  I did my research, I weighed out the pros and cons on both sides of the coin as well.  I came to this conclusion…..

I believe that who or what ever created this universe and everything in it, provided a life-sustaining planet, with everything it needs to sustain life.  Our bodies were designed following those same rules.  Our bodies are capable of performing extraordinary biological functions.  One of which, is our immune system.  If she got the chicken pox, or measles, or mumps, her body would defend itself, in a natural way. Not with a syringe full of as I said above, strains of foreign DNA, plus some other additives, preservatives, and chemicals to keep the strains suspended in.

My oldest daughter was vaccinated regularly as scheduled while growing up.  After she received the Varicella (chickenpox), and  MMR vaccine for starting kindergarten, she contracted what a Doctor said was, and I quote, “The worst case of chicken pox I have ever seen”.  I literally thought I was going to lose my daughter to this  virus.  That is really when I began to question the effectiveness, or even the necessity of vaccinations.

At fifteen I contracted chicken pox, and I had been vaccinated on a regular schedule as a child.  If the vaccinations are supposed to provide you with immunity against these diseases, and I have taken all that I have been told is enough to effectively protect me, then….how did I end up with it at 15? What protection did it offer? What protection did it offer my daughter?

How do we truly know what effects these vaccinations are having on our bodies in the long-term?  In order for my youngest daughter to attend school for her kindergarten year, vaccinations were mandatory unfortunately.  She was given the vaccinations in the beginning of september, three days later she developed  what appeared to be a cold.  The only difference was that a cold generally runs its course in a couple of days.  This lasted for months. From September until April, my daughter has coughed incessantly, spewed things out of her mouth that could have come straight out of the movie “the exorcist”, and has seen the doctor like a  billion times, received breathing treatments that never worked, etc, etc. Point: We hadn’t had any of these problems until the vaccinations.

 There has been a significant increase in autism, ADD, ADHD, psychotic, and anti-social behavior in our children.  The one thing that most children have in common, is that they are vaccinated on a regular basis over an extended period of time.  Could our vaccines that are supposedly designed to prevent illnesses, also be the cause of long-term, obfuscated illnesses, that not only affect our children physically, but cognitively as well?

I think the better question is…how does our government police, and regulate the pharmaceutical industries?

I am witnessing the decline of life as I ‘thought’ I knew it.  It seems as if civilization is in a state of degradation, the likes of which have never been seen.   The worst part is that the decay is caused by an internal illness, and the evidence is all around us.  We just refuse to see it because of who the information comes from.   I do believe that there are some conspiracies that are far more than ‘theory’, and that one of them may very well be the Pharmaceutical Lobbyist/Government Officials partnership.  Even if you believe that conspiracy theorist are whack jobs, and dummies:  KEEP THE SEAT BELT COMMERCIAL IN MIND;  You can learn a lot from a Dummy…BUCKLE UP! Ask questions.


Experiences In Sleepwalking 101.

Sleep-walking is a sleep disorder also called somnambulism. About four percent of the adult population sleepwalks, but exact numbers are difficult to estimate. It involves getting up from bed and walking around, although you are still asleep. When on the move, sleep-walker do not just walk. They may perform routine  tasks, but in the wrong manner or done in the wrong place. For example, sleep-walker might make a sandwich, move furniture around, answer the toothpaste(telephone),  or urinate in a trashcan.  Although their eyes are open, and they appear to be awake, their actions suggest otherwise.

A sleep-walker may be incredibly hard to wake up. When they do awaken from their escapades, they can be very confused.  There usually is no memory of the event for the sleepwalker, so waking up in the hall closet instead of the bed can be puzzling. It is not often that the night wanderer has a clear recollection of all that has happened.

In many ways there is a parallel between physical sleepwalking, and sleepwalking of the mind, which the majority of us though not aware, experience on a day-to-day basis.

It is time for us to wake up!

That feeling in the pit of your stomach that is gnawing at you constantly, telling you that something is not right, is the alarm clock.  Stop ‘hitting the snooze button’ on your Awakening.

We all want to be as happy as we can be in our lifetimes.  In order for us to achieve any level of happiness we have to begin by ‘doing the right things in a productive manner’.  First we have to heed that ‘Wake-Up’ call we have been ignoring.

Save Yourself: Live Your Passion!

One of the things that I have come to realize, is that in order for me to feel alive I have to write.  There is no balance in my life without the written word. Not writing was one of the root causes of my uhappiness.  The majority of my life I had been making the terms passion and dreams synonomous with each other.   Having a passion, being passionate about something, is the fuel that fires the soul in each of us.  It is what you would do if it was all you could do.  In a tiring world, it is the thing you can never see yourself growing tired of.  Your passion is what connects you to the Creator, the thing that allows you to experience the Creator.  It is your purpose.  

A dream is a vehicle that carries you to your passion, so that you may experience your purpose.   A dream is the possibility of  realized passion and purpose in its full potential.  

My mistake was in not knowing what I should be dreaming about.  I was dreaming of something that did not exist,my version of perfection.  Perfection in people, places, things.  Perfection in my life.  When I was faced with the reality of my imperfect world, it shattered my soul.  

I used to write as a kid.  I wrote everything from poetry, personal journals to short plays.  I read profusely growing up, and I always knew the power that words hold.  I have always been respectful of the power of words, written or spoken.  I wanted to write when I became an adult.  I can’t tell you when I stopped writing on a daily basis.  I began to write only when I needed to release some negative energy.  Then, a life altering event, and I completely stopped writing.

I didn’t know I was dying, until the moment when my passion saved me.  I was an emotional wreck. I was spiritually breaking, mentally fatigued, and in a downward spiral of deafening depression.  I won’t bore you with the details, you already know them anyway, they are your own.  Sometimes we let our situations and circumstances dictate how we live our lives.  Because things are not goin our way, we believe that the world is out to get us.  There is nothing further from the truth.   We continuously find ourselves in situations that lead to the state of  misery I was in,  because we have forgotten what being happy means to us.

   I knew constantly being in the dark while walking around in the light was not the way any of us should live, dying from the inside out.  I was functioning barely, but not living.  In the midst of immeasurable sadness, I felt compelled to expel the sadness in some way.  When I felt like letting the darkness of grief and pain overtake me, I knew I had to do something.  I wrote.  I wrote about everything I was feeling, I began writing about me. 

Writing consumed me for the next couple of days, and I noticed I felt more alive than I had felt in a long time.  Anything that makes you feel better, makes you want it more, and so I continued to right.  For the next couple of months reading, writing, communication, words, and language consumed me.  A funny thing started happening, my world started taking on a brighter appearance. 

As we become adults, and the ‘real’ world takes over our existence, it also takes away our dreams to pursue our passions.  We begin to neglect the passion that burns inside of us.  We no longer cultivate the garden of our own creativity.    I stopped nurturing my passion. 

  I was dying, and I didn’t know it until the moment when my passion saved me.  In that instant I became acutely aware of the meaning of passion, purpose. and dreams.  You see in that moment I came to the profound realization that even in the midst of despair, and utter misery, writing was what made me feel alive.  I began to remember the passion.  I became acquainted with my purpose again.  I have always known that words had power, I just never knew that they would have the power to save my life.  I write because I have to.  Even when I attempt to escape the escalating pressures of this world, I can never escape writing, it always finds me. 

I have decided to never run from words again.  They are my saving grace. I am writing daily again. With each stroke of a key I am born anew.  I am saved.  Save yourself by living your passion.

Who Are You and What Do You Want?

Can any of us be certain that the life we are living is truly ‘Ours’?  Are we living the lives we had always imagined, or couldn’t have imagined?  Are we living our lives in ways that we never expected? Stop for a second and think about your life as it is in this precise moment. 

If someone were to ask you  to describe your life, what would you say? Are you currently happy ? If you are what are the qualities that equal happiness to you?  If at the moment you are dissatisfied, what would it take to make you happy with your life?  In all honesty, the majority of us have complaints about our lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old, or, all things in between.  

The truth is, the majority of us are dissatisfied with our current states of living.  Why is this?  Because we are not being authentic with ourselves.  We struggle daily  seeking out ways in which to make our lives reflect who we feel we are, while striving to survive, but who are we really?  Who are we as  individuals with individual consciousness? As a member of a society which shares a collective consciousness?  Who are we? 

 The majority of humans spend their entire existence trying to gain happiness.  The sad truth is that many will never find true happiness. 

 Why are so many of us unhappy? Is there some secret to attaining  happiness?  There is actually no secret at all. There are however, roadblocks(self-induced) on your journey. 

 The first hurdle to cross is the realization that true happiness, and authenticity  is not a thing that you gain, it is not a thing that you find, nor is it a thing that you attain.  Happiness is a state of being that originates from within.  The second hurdle is like a mini-obstacle course, but a treacherous one.

 Which is probably the reason why so many of us end the race at this stage. The second stumbling block on your journey is….You! The hardest fact for us to come to grips with is the fact that we do not really know who we are, and, therefore don’t know what is personally important to us.  That is where true happiness lies; In knowing, accepting, and loving  ourselves intimately. 

 There comes a point in all of our lives when we feel as if we are not being authentic to our true selves. It feels different for everyone but, the sad fact is that we all have had that feeling.   We make decisions that go against every fiber of our being because we feel as if we have to go with the masses.

That is what we have been told to do our entire lives.   To  be like everybody else, to “keep our noses to the grindstone and our heads out of the clouds”.  We have been conditioned to believe that we have very little influence over our own lives, and that our miseries are because of  outside influences.    During these times, you may find that you are uncomfortable in your own skin,  as if you  literally can NOT breathe.  It’s as if you are being wrapped up from the outside and the pressure increases steadily.

 One day you may come to the startling realization that, you can’t remember the last time you inhaled deeply. There may be some times when you feel as if things that you cared about are no longer important, but you keep caring anyway. Why?  Because that’s what you’ve always done. So you continue to “tow the line”.  You may even question your sanity, asking  yourself if you are going around that damned bend for real this time? While continually ” towing the line”.

 Or, you will start to feel aches and pains in places you had never felt aches and pains before. Your body, mind, and soul will seem as if it is turning against you  all of a sudden.  The truth of the matter is that………IT IS!!!!!!!!!!These are the tactics  that the REAL YOU uses to get your attention!

This is the only way the REAL YOU knows how to survive; and it is persistent! The more you try to keep your  true self contained the louder it becomes.  It has to in order for you to uncover, and discover  the GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, and TRULY HAPPY YOU.

 In order for us to even begin this deciphering process, we must first do what seems most difficult for us; and that is   to take an honest look at ourselves and, the mechanisms by which we came to be who we think we are.  Not just those things that we find appealing but, especially those things that we don’t.  Our un-appealing attributes are exactly what we need to investigate, in order to begin the process of  self-knowledge!  

 Not being true to ourselves as well as, the things that we don’t like about ourselves,  (i.e… our fears, our guilt, and all of the other things that we would like to keep hidden from the world), are actually the driving forces behind the majority of choices we make, and the circumstances under which we choose to live.



I heard somewhere that “life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one chance to get it right”.  I couldn’t agree less with that statement.  While it is true that you only get one life to live, you get several chances to ‘get it right’.  Every situation, circumstance, or event could be your chance to correct something in your life that you feel needs correcting. 

One of our biggest problems is that we choose to live in what we consider the mistakes of our lives.  We live in the past.  We choose to dwell  in the house of regrets….”I wish I would have never”, or ” I shouldn’t have ever”. We reinforce our errors in the hopes that we will cement the mistake in our brains, so that we never do it again.   What we need to be focused on is learning from those mistakes, and honestly applying our newly acquired knowledge to present, right-now circumstances.   That is our only requirement towards ‘getting it right’.   

In order to even glimpse the life that we want, the life that we envision for ourselves, we have to start living in the present moment, with the certainty that we can choose to move beyond the shadow of our past errors in judgement.

Yes it is true, you only get one life to live, but you get so many chances to re-invent yourself during that lifetime.

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

In one more month winter will be coming to a close, heralding the entrance of spring.  Most of us start thinking of ways in which we can spruce up our environment, and we begin to haul out our old, used, last years things.  Thinking of spring cleaning made me ask myself why we don’t apply the same technique to ourselves.

When we are preparing for a change in seasons, we patiently, and laboriously go through all of our belongings.  We decide which of our belongings are important enough to keep, which ones we can do away with, which ones we are never going to get any use of anymore, and we chuck the belongings that we knew we should have gotten rid of long ago, and which are now taking up massive amounts of space, that could be used for other things.  It might be a good idea for us to do the same thing when it comes to our bodies, minds, and spirit.

Along with opening up windows to let the fresh air into the dwelling, we should also let the fresh air into our real homes, our bodies.  Let the breeze shake loose any brilliant ideas we’ve locked away in our minds.  Inhale the aroma of being alive.

When we are organizing our personal belongings we should be organizing our lives as well.  When we are clearing clutter and deciding what to keep and what to release, we should keep in mind that we hold on to various things in our hearts and minds, which do nothing more than take up space, that could be put to better use.  Are there any bad habits you would like to let go of?  Do you have some changes that you’ve wanted to make to your personality?  Do you want to change jobs?  Go on a vacation? Are you still mad at your ex from 8 years ago?  Are you really jealous of your sister?  Have you been the type of person you wanted to be? 

In order for us to experience life altering personal growth, we need to be able to ‘spring clean’ ourselves.  We need to be able to see clearly that which is conducive to our personal growth and that which is just taking up space.

When we stumble upon some piece of us that we deem to be useless, like our other useless belongings, we should get rid of it.  When we discover that lamp that we always loved but couldn’t find, and we see that it fits perfectly with the table we bought, we should also be discovering the parts of us that we thought we lost, but that go so well with new and different parts of us now.

Spring heralds change. A new beginning. A renewal.  

Isn’t about time we started doing a little spring cleaning for our souls too?